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Introducing the Mortimers - by Hugh Wood
1. Their Origins in Normandy - Roger Mortemer  link
2. The First Two Mortimers of Wigmore - Ralph & Hugh Mortimer (dc1181) link
3. The years 1181 to 1246 - Roger (d1214) and Ralph Mortimer (d1246) link
4. Roger Mortimer (d1282) - slayer of Simon de Montfort link
5. Edmund Mortimer (d1304) and Roger Mortimer of Chirk (d1326) link
6. Roger Mortimer 1st Earl of March (executed 1330) - "Ruler" of England link
7. Edmund Mortimer (d1331) and Roger Mortimer, 2nd Earl of March (d.1360) link
8. Edmund Mortimer, 3rd Earl of March (d.1381) link
9. Roger Mortimer, 4th Earl of March (d.1398) and Sir Thomas Mortimer (d.1403) link
10. Sir Edmund Mortimer (d.1409) and Edmund Mortimer, 5th Earl of March (d.1425) link
Mortimer People
Roger de Mortemer (fl.1054-78) Ben Baillie link
Roger de Mortemer and the Mortimers' Origins in Normandy Hugh Wood link
Edmund Mortimer (d1304) Hugh Wood link
Roger Mortimer of Chirk (d1326) Hugh Wood link
Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March (executed 1330) Hugh Wood link
Isabella Mortimer, de jure Countess of Arundel (dc1292) Fran Norton link
The Secret Life of Blanche Mortimer (c1315-1347) John Grove link
Philippa Mortimer, Countess of Arundel (d1400) Hugh Wood link
Margaret of York, Duchess of Burgundy (d1503) John Grove link
Articles about the Mortimers
The marriage of Edward II & Queen Isabella: a reconsideration Kathryn Warner link
Leintwardine and the Mortimers Hugh Wood link
Ewyas Lacy and the Mortimers Martin Cook link
The Mortimers and Medieval Ireland Dr Brendan Smith link
Other Families
Geneville, Geoffrey (d1314) Dr Beth Hartland link
Geneville, Joan (d1356) Anne Blandford link
The Lacys and the Conquest of Ireland Dr Colin Veach link
King John and William Marshal Elizabeth Chadwick link
The marriage of David Bruce and Joan of the Tower 1328

Ethan Gould link
The Barons
The Anglo-Norman Aristocracy 1066-1215

Prof. Daniel Power link
Ireland & the Irish
Society & Kingship in pre-Norman Ireland Edward Walker link
The Mortimer family and Medieval Ireland
Dr. Brendan Smith link
The Lacys and the Conquest of Ireland
Dr Colin Veach link
Irish Immigration to England: 1330-1550

Dr Jessica Lutkin link
Wales & the Welsh
Women and the Law in the age of Magna Carta - see the sections in this article on the situation in Wales

Dr Matthew Stevens link
Descriptions of a range of Mortimer castles are under the Mortimer tab link
Castles & Rebellion in Anglo-Norman England Prof. Matthew Strickland link
Knucklas Castle Community Land Project Janet Lewis link
Stapleton Castle Hugh Wood


Philip Hume &
Hugh Wood
The Law
The Magna Carta Project Prof. David Carpenter link
Women and the law in the age of Magna Carta

Dr Matthew Stevens link
The World of the Mortimers and the Mappa Mundi Andrew Bent link
The Ludlow Parhelion 2015 - a link to the battle
of Mortimer's Cross 1461
Hugh Wood link
Early papal bulla found in Wigmore Hugh Wood link
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