Some members of the Society have agreed to be listed here and, where appropriate, have described the particular aspects of medieval history that interest them most. If you would like to get in touch with a member, please tell us by sending a message to 'Website' on the 'Contact Us' page. Explain your interest and we'll alert the other person who will contact you, if they choose.

If you are a member and would like to be included in the list, or would like to amend or delete an entry, please contact us in the same way.

Stephen Abbey

Shropshire UK General interest in the history of the Marches.
Robert Anderson Herefordshire UK Created the costumes in Pembridge Church of a Mortimer Steward and family, supplied some photographs for the Philip Hume Book "On the Trail of the Mortimers", carried out some research into the medieval history of Pembridge etc.

Katherine Ashe Pennsylvania UK Author of a 4-volume work on Simon de Montfort. Interested in the 13th century

David Atkins

Shropshire UK All aspects of the medieval era
John Bacon Dorset UK English medieval history; member of Richard III Society.

Judy Bailey Adelaide, Australia Studying for a PhD on the Palmers' Guild of Ludlow.

Lynda Baker

Worcestershire UK General interest in medieval history
Graham Baker Herefordshire UK Interested in the history of the Marches

John Barnes

Herefordshire UK Possibly a descendant of the Mortimers
John Barratt

Shropshire UK The medieval Marches and the Welsh wars
Ian Bass

Herefordshire UK Medieval bishop-saints, particularly St Thomas de Cantelupe
Mike Beazley

Shropshire UK Ludlow and the Marches, particularly during the 14th and 15th centuries and the Wars of the Roses in general, including re-enactment (as a Yorkist crossbowman).

Anna Belfrage Scania, Sweden Author of an acclaimed series set in the turbulent 1320s and featuring Roger Mortimer, Queen Isabella, Edward II and Edward III. Other than a passion for medieval English history, she also has a great fondness for the 17th Century, in particular the second half.

Norma Benathan Lancashire UK Member of the Richard III Society

Pamela Benstead

Worcestershire UK Involved in running the Worcestershire branch of Richard III Society, so very interested in Mortimer ancestors/

Susan Benyon-Tinker Devon UK Interested in the Mortimers as an impoirtant part of the Richard III story.

John Berry New South Wales, Australia

John Bibby Shropshire UK General interest in local history

Virginia Bird

Herefordshire UK Interested in the early history of the Welsh Marches
Shelagh Best London UK Medieval hist ory in general and heraldry. Also an interest in Welsh history as my roots are in South Wales.

Alan Bond London UK The history of the Welsh Marches

Ann Black Shropshire UK A general interest in medieval history

Anne Blandford

Herefordshire UK Costume, heraldry, genealogy, castles
Aine Bonnefoy Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France Medieval Trim, Ludlow and Vaucouleurs; The Latin East in 13th century; The Angevin Kingdom of Sicily; The Templar Knights; the Counties of Provence and Forcalquier; the Dauphiné

Elizabeth Bown Surrey UK Battle of Barnet, Elizabeth Wydeville, Medieval medicine, wars of the roses and Richard III

Mark Brooks West Midlands UK My interest in the reign of Henry VIII has led me to believe that the people of the Welsh Marches, dating back many centuries, because of the autonomy they were granted, became instrumental in the events that led to the Reformation.

Jane & Philip Brown Herefordshire UK General interest in local history

Frank Bruce Birmingham UK I am a History graduate, former teacher and examiner. I wrote a dissertation on Llanthony Priory (near Abergavenny) and am generally interested in Marches history of the Middle Ages.

Janine Bryant Herefordshire UK Medieval coroners' rolls

Hon. Edward Buchan Wiltshire UK Wigmore Castle and Abbey. Edmund Mortimer 5th Earl of March

Tony Bucknall West Midlands UK General interest in history

Leigh Bullimore

Herefordshire UK General interest in history
Barbara Burns

Shropshire UK General interest in the history of the Marches
V Ruth Butler

Powys, Wales UK The history of Powys
Rosalind Caird Shropshire UK History generally and local connections. Church history.

Emma Cavell Cardiff, Wales UK I am a historian of women, gender, aristocracies, law and frontier in the period of c 1000-1300. My special interest in aristocratic families of the Welsh Marches means that the women of the Mortimer family very often feature in my research and publications.

Stephen Chanko

Vienna, Austria  The impact of the Mortimers on English history
Frances Channon

Shropshire UK Roger de Mortimer, Isabella and the medieval Marches.

Tanya Checkley New South Wales, Australia My Mother’s maiden name is Mortimer . Would love to know more about my family history. My Grandfather immigrated from England his name was Whilfred David Mortimer .  

John & Bridget Cherry Shropshire UK Medieval history, archaeology and objects

Simon Child Shropshire UK Medieval interests; Ludlow and the Mortimers; Norman to 1700

Winifred Cimerman Florida USA Just the general history of the family. Discovered several years ago that I am in this family tree. 

Margaret Clamp Nottinghamshire UK Richard III; Wars of the Roses; the Nevilles; castkles and battles

Jean Clare-Tighe Kent UK Life in medieval times, including dress, food & calligrahy; a Ricardian with an interest in Richard III's ancestry.

Margaret Clark Shropshire UK The Church; the Wars of the Roses

Yvonne Clark

Lancashire UK Medieval history and the Tudors, but particularly the Plantagenets

Brendon Clarke Lancashire UK Hundred Years War; Wars of the Roses; heraldry

Linda Clitheroe Surrey UK Ludlow and the Welsh Borders; Wars of the Roses; the House of York particularly Richard III.

Dianne Coe Essex UK Very keen on medieval history. Am member of the Richard III Society, and Hon. Secretary of The Medieval World of Katherine Swynford Society.

Elizabeth Collison New South Wales, Australia

Medieval England and Wales; Marcher lords; the Mortimer family

Trea & Michael Connon Herefordshire UK History of the region; politics of the time; economic, social and religious development of the area

Terri Couzens Powys, Wales UK History and archaeology of Wales and the Marches - prehistory to the Tudors; particularly Roman and Medieval as there is much evidence of the activity of these periods in the landscape.
Also, early ‘Celtic’ Christianity.

Katherine Cowell Shropshire UK As a descendent of Anne Mortimer and Richard of Cambridge, and now living in Ludlow, I am interested to know more of the earlier members of the Mortimer family. 
Rupert Crew Shropshire Uk A teacher of medieval history

Peter & Madge Crocker Herefordshire UK Heraldry; biographies and titles; manors

Alison & Martin Crowdy Shropshire UK

General interest in history
Maureen Crumpler Herefordshire UK Costume and textiles. Music.. Historical dance. Welsh history

John Cutler

Herefordshire UK General interest in the history of the Marches
Lynne Danby Powys, Wales UK Medieval history and references to the Mortimers in Shakespeare's history plays.

Ann Davies Herefordshire UK Fascinated by the history of the Marches.

Elizabeth& John Davies Powys, Wales UK General interest in the history of the Marches.

Jenny Day Ceredigion, Wales UK Use of weapons in Wales before 1300

Rosamund Ditchfield

Worcestershire UK Spent time as a child in Presteigne and now interested in the pre- and post-1066 history of the  Marches. Grandfather was the historian W H Howse who wrote several books about the area.

John Dixon West Midlands UK Mortimer family history; Wars of the Roses; medieval church history including effigies, brasses, heraldry and stained glass

Paul Dryburgh Hounslow, London UK 13th-15th century Mortimers of Wigmore and Chirk; Mortimers in medievakl Ireland and the Welsh Marches; Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March

Lorraine Earlshall Shropshire UK Interest in the Mortimers. Particular interest is the family of Tregoz, who later join the Mortimer family. Medieval people circa 1100 to 1450, with particular interest in the period to 1307

Bill Eastwell Shropshire UK 14th and 15th Centuries. Constitutional matters; church (national, Marches and Lincoln Diocese)

Lynne Eaves Herefordshire UK General interest in medieval history, costume and dance

Charles Edwards

Shropshire UK A general interest in medieval life
Jean Edwards Worcestershire UK Castles, battles and medieval life

Lynnette Eldredge Washington USA Genealogy of the Mortimers that descend to 'highly probable' USA gateway ancestor Gov. Thomas Dudley of MA & possible GA Thomas Dimmick/Dymoke. I want to develop a deeper and broader understanding of the complexities and psychology of the time.

Owen Elias Shropshire UK Glyndwr revolution. History of Ludlow and the Marches. Mortimers

Michael Elliman Worcestershire UK History in General and Simon De Montfort

Mary Epke

Gloucestershire UK General interest in history
Hugh Everleigh Worcestershire UK Medieval history particularly heraldry

John Fleming Kent UK

Baronial reform and rebellion 1259-1265
Nicholas & Carol Ford Shropshire UK Nick is interested in genealogy, heraldry and medieval belief; Carol is interested in leechcraft and medieval cuisine and both are 15th century re -enactors.

Peter Ford

Herefordshire UK The Marcher lords; the de Braose family especially Matilda; the history of Hay-on-Wye

Bronwyn Fraley Somerset UK Medieval history, particularly of the Marches; visiting castles

John & Gwen Fraser Herefordshire UK Moved to Mortimer Country in 2018, living close to Wigmore castle. Keen to know more about the history of the area.

John Freeman East Sussex UK Wrote a pamphlet and leads walks on the Battle of Lewes 1264. Member of the Battlefields Trust and de Montfort Society 

Lesley Frith

Herefordshire UK General interest in medieval history 
David & Mari Frost West Midlands UK The Mortimers

Peter Furneaux

Herefordshire UK Interest in local history from living in Mortimer Country.
Stephen & Janet Gallimore Herefordshire UK General interest in local history

Annie Garthwaite Shropshire UK The Mortimer family and the Wars of the Roses. Especially interested in Cecily Neville.

Adonis Gemini Hangzhou, China Interested in medieval figures who died as traitors but had more talent than their sovereigns. Particular interested in the Wars of the Roses. The family history of the House of Neville since the Norman conquest to Anne Neville.

Kathryn Gibson & Howard Kimberley Gwynedd, Wales UK We research all aspeccts of the early medeival history of Wales and the Marches.

Barbara Gittings Herefordshire UK

The medieval history of the Marches from the Celts and Saxons to the end of the lantagenet era.

Isobel & Ian Goddard Herefordshire UK Interested in the history of the local area but also in the story of Edward III and the Wars of the Roses, especially Elizabeth Mortimer and her marriage to Hotspur.

Janet Gough

Shropshire UK General interest in mewdieval history.
Ethan Gould Canberra, Australia Anglo-Scottish relations 1286-1357; the reigns of Edward I, Edward II and Edward III; the reign of Robert I and David II; Thomas Randolph d. 1332 and James Douglas d. 1330; Roger Mortimer earl of March d. 1330

Amanda Green North Yorkshire UK Member of the Richard III Society. Interested in the Mortimer family.

John Grove Hrerefordshire UK All Mortimer history including related Welsh / English history and Marcher lords. Interested in all Mortimer artefacts (castles. tombs, shields, stained glass etc) Willing to give talks..

Zuuzsanna Grove-Jenei Bacs Kiskon, Hungary Medieval textiles, churches, social history and arts.

Charles Gunter Shropshire UK Relationship between England a Wales following the Norman conquest and until the death of king Stephen.

Susan & Godfrey Hack Herefordshire UK General interest in the history of the Marches.

Dawn Hall Shropshire UK Very interested in the history of the Marches.

Margaret Halstead Conwy, Wales UK The history of the Welsh Marches.

Peter & Elaine Hammond Herefordshire Uk Local medieval history

Anne Harris Cornwall UK I like all History but I especially enjoy medieval period.

Eleanor Harris Herefordshire UK Descendant of Marcher families Lacy, Tregoz, Tosny, Braose, Grandison, Cantilupe, Fitzwarin, Ewias, Neuchatel, le Strange, and the welsh on the other side. Everyone, in fact EXCEPT Mortimer. 

Sandi Harriss Herefordshire UK I am am MA Medieval Studies student. My proposed dissertation is on the relationship between major landowners and local monasteries. The Mortimers interest me because of their prominent role in medieval history, and I am local.

Alison Harrop Conwy, Wales UK Roger Mortimer First Earl of March, his wife Joan de Geneville and all their descendants. Has written a novel from Joan's viewpoint and seeking publication in 2017.

Linda Hart Worcestershire UK Simon de Montfort

Graham Haynes Shropshire UK General interest in medeival history the the churches of Shropshire

Rebecca Haynes London UK Medieval history

Philip Healy Herefordshire UK A general interest in medieval history

Roger Hesketh Wirral UK I have an interest in exploring and learning about the lives that my forbears lived. I am fortunate in having, as in fact we all do, Mortimer ancestors. I have recently been studying for fun Medieval and Early Modern Scottish history a joint O.U. / University of Dundee program of study. 

Michael Heslop Surrey UK Castles

Michael Hickling Shropshire UK Interested in the medieval period, particularly the Plantagenets, and becoming more interested in the early Saxons.

Joe and Caroline Hillaby

Herefordshire UK Interested in medieval history
Debbie Hindhaugh Warwickshire UK All history but particularly the Wars of the Roses; member of the Richard III Society

Mike & Jill Holland South Africa We were both brought up and schooled in Herefordshire, and although we have now lived in South Africa for nearly 50 years, we retain a great interest in the history and historical buildings around Herefordshire and adjacent regions, which we generally manage to visit about once a year.

Jonathan Hopkinson

Herefordshire UK North Herefordshire history
Noriko Horiuchi & John Hopkins

Herefordshire UK Wars of the Roses and the Tudors, especially Prince Arthur

Charlotte Hua Shanghai, China Roger Mortimer 1st Earl of March , War of Roses

Philip Hume Herefordshire UK Medieval history in general and love visiting castles and abbeys; the Mortimer family and how they developed over the centuries to dominate first the Welsh Marches then national affairs; author of 'On the Trail of the Mortimers'; how the House of York used it's Mortimer inheritance to gain the Crown; with colleagues, writing a history of the development of the Welsh Marcher Lordships with their unique powers.

Neil & Joanna Iddison Sheffield UK The 15th century up till 1485

Angela Iliff Bristol UK Medieval dress; medieval food; Richard III

Judith Jackson North Yorkshire UK Member of Richard III Society

Judy Jacobs

Herefordshire UK The Mortimers and the Marches
Julia & Anthony Jacobus Herefordshire UK Main interest is history or any relevant information on the village of Staunton on Arrow, specifically the motte. General history of the era, area and people involved.

Chris & Deborah Jarman Herefordshire UK

General interest in history
Clive Jenkins Oxfordshire UK Specialist interest is the early modern period, particularly in France. However, also has an interest in, and love of, Wales and the Marches having been brought up in the south of the region.Marches. Recent visits to Ludlow have strengthened ties to the area.

Kris Johnston Herefordshire UK Medieval history. The history of the Marches, particularly in Herefordshire. Cathedral and church art and architecture in the medieval period.

Hilary Jones Herefordshire UK Broad interest in local history

Susan Jones Shropshire UK General interest in the time and where my locality fits in.

Barbara Joss

Herefordshire UK Archaeology. General History - talks etc
Melissa Julian-Jones Newport, Wales UK The Welsh March c1093-1307, its ecclesiastical, social and political networks, including seals and other forms of iconography. Currently focusing on inter-Marcher warfare (2015 to present).

Clive Jupp Herefordshire UK

MA in M edieval Studies at Birmingham University specialising in the Cult of Thomas of Lancaster. Other interests includes manuscripts, chronicles and the politics and people of the 14th century. Currently researching the Marcher Lordships for a 3 volume series with Philip Hume and John Fleming from the society.
Shirley Keating Canberra, Australia Mortimer and related families in medieval period in the Marches and Wales

John R Kenyon

Cardiff, Wales UK Castle architecture and the history of the Welsh Marches
Joe Kerr Herefordshire UK Interested in all aspects of Herefordshire history.

Krysia Kolodziejek & David Kennedy

Herefordshire UK General interest in history
Martin & Lesley Knowles Shropshire UK Interested in visiting churches and in history generally,

John Lake Washington USA A direct descendant of the Mortimers and frequent visitor to the UK to "visit" with ancestors and take photographs of CoAs, effigies and memorials etc.
Matthew Lampitt Herefordshire UK Welsh Marches and medieval cosmopolitanism; Welsh Marches in medieval literature; Welsh Marches and literary history,

Natasha & Mark Lawrence

Herefordshire UK Archaeology; Medieval history; the Wars of the Roses

Kirsten Lawton-Smith Herefordshire UK MA in Medieval Studies at Birmingham University specialising in the Cult of Thomas of Lancaster. Other interests includes manuscripts, chronicles and the politics and people of the 14th century. Currently researching the Marcher Lordships for a 3 volume series with Philip Hume and John Fleming from the society.

Carolyn Lody Caerphilly, Wales UK General interest in the history of the Marches.

Judith Macarthur Somerset UK General interest in medieval history.

Mary Macdonald & Richard Eastwell Gloucestershire UK Belong to re enactmants groups for many years. Always fascinated by the Mortimers. Currently members of The Gloucester Household. Interested in medieval plants and uses and Richard is a carpenter candle maker and Bill Man. Also interested in music belonging to small medieval and Tudor music group. 

Ann & Anthony Malpas Shropshire UK The middle Marches area including Powys and the Clun valley; the development of market towns; the Council of the Marches.

Satu Mannonen London UK Wars of the Roses

Ashley Mantle Worcestershjire UK I am passionate about medieval history, in particular the Wars of the Roses, the Norman period and the history of Edward II. I am a member of the Richard III Society and serve as secretary at the Worcestershire branch. I find the Mortimers to be a fascinating family and I live within driving distance of many of the reminders of their history.

Joyce Marston Herefordshire UK Ecclesiastical history including Benedictine monasteries. Stained glass in Shropshire and Herefordshire churches.

Stella Mason Shropshire UK Castles and churches; military; Garway; crusades

Tony & Joan Mason Shropshire UK History of the English Language and of French. Medieval Europe.

Craufurd Matthews Hampshire UK Mortimore descendant with an interest in history from 1200 to 1550

Mark McEvilly Herefordshire UK Medieval and pre-1066 history of the Marches

Gil McHattie Powys, Wales UK My main research is the early Cistercian Order and Bernard of Clairvaux in particular. My second area of research are the Templar Knights and their connection to Bernard. Many noble families in the Marches would have connections to the Templars.

Margaret Melhuish Somerset UK The genealogy of the Mortimers, Cliffords, Percys & Forsters; the Wars of the Roses; the border reivers; visiting battlefields and medieval history generally.

Charlie Middleton Suffolk UK General interest in medieval history

Margor Miller Herefordshire UK Herefordshire. One of the founder members of MHS. Mortimers - e.g.2017 essays on Edmund 5th Earl of March 'Gap Year';
social history especially social change.

Liz Molyneux Powys, Wales UK General interest in local history

Nila Monckton

Aberdeenshire, Scotland Uk Costume & textiles
Jonathan Moor Shropshire UK 15th century English history, heraldry, genealogy, brasses & brass rubbing

Kristine Moore & Dominic Costa Powys, Wales UK The Mortimers and the Marches of Wales.

Angela Moreton Leeds UK Chair of the Yorkshire Branch of the Richard III Society.

Alan Mortimer Torfaen, Wales UK Mortimer connections between Buckinghamshire and Wigmore/Ludlow. Mortimer heraldry. General Mortimer genealogy.

Allison Mortimer California USA Interested in the history of the Mortimers

Cedric Mortimer London UK Family interest.

Evan Mortimer North Yorkshire UK Strong interest in the 1st and 2nd Earls of March and medieval history generally.

Henry & Betsy Mortimer Maryland USA Interested in family history. Looking for connections between the medieval Mortimer's of England and Mortimer's of USA. We have established connections with the Read(Rede) family of the same period who came to Virginia in 1637.

Howard Mortimer Cheshire UK Genealogy, heraldry, castles, battles, links to the Yorkist kings, Plantagenets and Owain Glyndwr

James Donald Mortimer Wyoming USA My immediate branch of the Mortimers were stonemasons who immigrated into the US around 1850. Ancestors are followed back to Samuel Mortimer married in 1705. I believe they were centered in the Glamis region. I was also interested in the Mortimer Arms gunmaking company.

Jamie Mortimer East Yorkshire UK The medieval Mortimers.

Jeanette & Alan Mortimer Birmingham UK Family interest in the history of the Mortimers.

Jennifer & William Mortimer California USA William says he is directly descended from Roger Mortemer & Hawise in Normandy.

Jim Mortimer North Yorkshire UK Mine is from the Conquest through East Anglia? to Aberdour in Scotland and then links and connections to Auchenbaddie (various spellings) on the River Deveron, near Banff, NE Scotland. All Mortimer connections and suggestions most welcome.

Keith Mortimer East Yorkshire UK The Mortimers were a great asset to English history

Keith Alan Mortimer East Yorkshire UK Being a Mortimer myself I find the history of the Mortimers very interesting.

Kenneth Mortimer Wellington, New Zealand My interest is to find out who are my ancestors.

Mary Mortimer London UK To find out more information on the Mortimer family history. 

Nicholas Mortimer London UK Interested in the history of the Mortimers.

Paul & Elizabeth Mortimer West Yorkshire UK Interesed in the history of the Mortimers.

Peter Mortimer Suffolk UK Medieval Mortimers, their descendants and their heraldry.

Roger F Mortimer North Yorkshire Uk Linking modern Mortimers to the medieval families; I run the 'One Name' Study with over 160 family trees link here I am also a joint administrator for the Mortimer DNA project link here and would value particularly male descendants to take part with Y-DNA tests

Ruth Mortiimer Manawatu-Wanganui, New Zealand I am a descendant of Roger Mortimer (d.1282) through my maternal line. However I am interested to see what links, if any, may be found through any distant family on my paternal line. Interest in medieval history.

Thomas Mortimer Connecticut, USA I am particularly interested in my Mortimer family lineage and the Norman ancestors. I have been able to trace back to Londoner Thomas Mortimer and his father Thomas born in 1706. I would appreciate any further information and have shared my Y-DNA67 results at the Mortimer Name website.

Richard Mortimore Lincolnshire UK Medieval and Mortimer history; local history and archaeology; church buildings and their history; and family history.

Joyce Moss Gloucestershire UK Interested in medieval history and impressed by the high standard of MHS conferences.

Marion Moulton Cheshire UK Fanatically interested in Richard III whose paternal grandmother was a Mortimer.

Lorraine Munn

Herefordshire UK Interested in history
Jolene & Jim Neri North Carolina USA Medieval England, Roman Britain, Plantagenets, Angevins, Wars of the Roses

Denise & Bob North Herefordshire UK An interest in local history living on the Welsh border

Fran Norton Shropshire UK 13th & 14th centuries concentrating on the history of Welsh Marches and its baronies but predominately on the Mortimer family.

Jason O'Keefe Herefordshire UK Castles, Churc hes, Wars of The Roses, Archery, Battle of Mortimer's Cross, Armour & Weapons

Mickie O'Neill Shropshire UK

Richard III Society; Richard, Earl of Cambridge
Sandra Osborne Essex UK Being a Mortimer by birth myself, I would like to find out more information about the History of the Mortimers. 

Rosalind & Guy Parneix Florida USA Descendant of many generations of Mortimers. Have visited historical sites in England and Ireland

Elizabeth Phillips

Shropshire UK General interest in medieval history 
Lynda Pidgeon Wiltshire UK Wars of the Roses and the Wydeville family.

Patricia Pothecary Herefordshire UK Secretary of Mortimers Cross Battlefield Project. Interested in the history of Kingsland, Herefordshire from the earliest times to the Tudors.
Matt Raven Worcestershire UK PhD on fourteenth-century earls, including the earls of March and other Marcher lords

Ian Richards

Lot et Garonne, France Interested in medieval history
Ruth Richardson Herefordshire UK Historian; archaeologist; researcher; author. Author of 'Mistress Blanche: Queen Elizabeth I's Confidante'. Special interest in field names.

Judith Ridley Berkshire Uk Fiction, non-fiction and genealogy of the 14th and 15th centuries including the Mortimers.

Stephen Riggan Washington USA Descendant of Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March and Joan de Geneville via three colonial “gateway” immigrants of medieval descent to Virginia: Councillor William Farrar, Col. Thomas Ligon, and Diana Skipwith 
Jamie Ritchie

London UK History of Knucklas, Powys, Wales
Sara Elin Roberts Anglesey, Wales UK Winner of the 2018 MHS Essay Prize.

Claire Robinson Newport, Wales UK Maritime and local history

Jean de Rusett Herefordshire UK General interest in the Marcher history and the Mortimer dynasty in particular

Lynda Sargent Gloucestershire UK General interest in medieval history

Pamela & Geoffrey Sargent Herefordshire UK Interested in the history of the Welsh Marches

Graham Saunders Herefordshire UK Interested in anything medieval

Ed Shine

London UK Early-mid 15thC political and social history; social networking and collective communications

Jackie Smith Kent UK Jackie has a general interest in medieval history

Peter Smith

Monmouthshire, Wales UK General interest in medieval history 
David Snowden Worcestershire UK 13th century Welsh Marches
Stephen Southerland

Texas USA Mortimer ancestors go back to Roger Mortimer (d1078)
Patricia Sowards Washington USA Roger Mortimer, First Earl of March; Joan de Geneville, Katherine Mortimer and Thomas Beauchamp; Ludlow Castle

Colin Sowden Monmouthshire, Wales UK A general interest in the history of the Marches

Cynthia Spencer

Gloucestershire UK General interest in medieval history
Stanton Stephens Shropshire UK Medieval history in general - but in particular the arts and architecture of the period. Also the life and times of Edward ii

David Sudlow Herefordshire UK History of the Welsh Marches

Moyra & Colin Sutherill Herefordshire UK Interested in the Mortimers and medieval history

Bridget Thomas Herefordshire UK I am a director of the Wigmore Centre CIC, which aims to reorder St James’ Church Wigmore into a heritage and community centre and I am generally interested in local history.

Enid Thresher Somerset UK A history graduate and member of the Richard III Society who is keen on the medieval period.

Martin & Denise Toms Herefordshire UK Mortimers of Chirk & Tedstone Wafre; Lucy le Wafre

Ann Turtle Herefordshire UK Admits to studying 15thC France and Burgundy a long time ago!

Christine Tustin Herefordshire UK General interest in the period but especially the buildings

Karen Unwin Shropshire UK All periods of h istory. Battle tactics and battlefield sites. Historical literature, art and music. Historic walks and pilgrimages.

James Vant Herefordshire UK The Wars of the Roses

Janet Verasanso

Shropshire UK Chivalry and heraldry. Gained a MPhil in Heraldic Visitations.
Penelope Vernon Tarn et Garonne, France I'm a Mortimer by birth. Interested in the Mortimers from their origin to present day. Contact with Mortimer's seeking possible connection.

Gareth Wardell Carmarthenshire, Wales The role that the Marcher Lords played in the history of Wales.

Kathryn Warner Cumbria UK Specialist in 14th century history. Author of books on Edward II, Queen Isabella and Richard II. Writes the Edward II blog.

Sally Watkins Worcestershire UK Medieval and Tudor history

Helen Watt Middlesex UK Mortimer genealogy; the rebellion of Owain Glyn Dwr; place-names of Wales and Shropshire

Marvin Loyd Welborn Virginia USA Genealogy & history

Lindsay Whitehurst Staffordshire UK Member of the Battlefields Trust - working on a PhD on cinematic representations of medieval warfare.

John & Linda Whittall Shropshire UK General interest in local history

Robert Wigmore

Wellington, New Zealand Keen to find a link between the Wigmore and Mortimer families
Joanna Wild Shropshire UK General interest in medieval history and literature, particularly the history of the Marches and the 1400s

Peter Wild Manchester UK General interest in medieval history

Connor Williams West Midlands UK I have just completed my BA History at the University of Nottingham and will be reading MA History next year looking to become an academic historian. I am mostly interested in Medieval England between the 13th and 15th Centuries, specifically geopolitical structure and socio-political interactions between the ruling classes. 

Gareth Williams Shropshire UK More or less anything to do with Medieval Wales and the Marches, particularly social and economic history.

Joan Williams Durham UK Local history of the Welsh Marches; the Yorkist dynasty in the 15th century

Julie Williams South Yorkshire UK The medieval Welsh Marches.

June Wilson Herefordshire UK

I am interested in medieval history and therefore local churches castles etc.

Keith Wilson Herefordshire UK Anything in connection with the history of the Welsh Marches, Hereford & Herefordshire, Ludlow & Wigmore Castles etc, involving the Mortimer Family.

Sandra Wilson Gloucestershire UK

General interest in medieval history 
Julian Wontner Herefordshire UK General interest in medieval history

Hugh & Doris Wood Shropshire UK Medieval Mortimer heraldry & genealogy

Rosemary & Jonathan Wood Shropshire UK The history of Ludlow and the Marches

Barbara Wright West Yorkshire UK Roger Mortime r, 1st Earl of March: The Mortimer Cartularies (BL Harley 1240 and BL Add.MS 6041)

Gary Young

Virginia USA Mortimers of Wigmore and Mortimers of Richard's Castle
Robert Young Worcestershire UK Member of Castles Studies Group and a Ludlow Historical; Research Group Town Guide

Stefan Zachary

Buckinghamshire UK Genealogy