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Member's Name Location Interests

Katherine Ashe Pennsylvania USA Simon de Montfort - Katherine is the author of the acclaimed four-volume historical novel 'Montfort - The Founder of Parliament' link

Judy Bailey

Adelaide, Australia Mortimer patronage of churches in the late medieval period
William Barnes Herefordshire UK Possibly a descendant of the Mortimers

John Barratt

Shropshire UK The medieval Marches and Welsh wars
Ian Bass Herefordshire UK Special interest in medieval bishop-saints, particularly St Thomas de Cantilupe

Naomi Beal Wiltshire UK Special interest in the medieval period

Michael Beazley Shropshire UK Lives in Ludlow; interested in the history of the Marches and medieval history in general

Anna Belfrage Malmo, Sweden Publishing a series on the rise and fall of Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March.

Pamela & John Bell Abergavenny, Wales

Enthusiastic amateurs living in the Welsh Borders
Pamela Benstead Worcestershire UK Involved in running the Worcestershire branch of the Richard III society, so very interested in his Mortimer ancestors.

Shelagh Best

London UK Medieval history and heraldry especially of the Marches
Sara Hanna-Black Hampshire UK Undergraduate studying medieval history, with a special interest in the Mortimers.

Anne Blandford Herefordshire UK Costume; heraldry; genealogy; castles

Aine Bonnefoy Trim, Ireland
& Provence, France
A native of Trim where Geoffrey de Geneville was lord from c1252 to 1307. She wrote an MPhil dissertaition on the cosmopolitan children of Geoffrey de Geneville and is still researching the family. See www.academia.edu under 'Aine Bonnefoy' for further papers on the family.

Elizabeth Bown Surrey UK Elizabeth Wydville, Richard III, the Mortimers and the Beauforts.

Di Bryan

Birmingham UK Medieval history generally and the history of Neenton, Shropshire in particular.

Tony Bucknall West Midlands UK  Heraldry

David Bullivant

California USA A student of Middle English, building up an appreciation of the views of medieval people by studying their own words. 

Barbara Burns

Shropshire UK General interest in history of the Marches
Ruth Butler Powys UK The history of Powys

Sue Byron

Lancashire UK The history of the Borders
Stephen Chanko Vienna, Austria The impact of the Mortimers on English history

Frances Channon

Worcestershire UK Inspred by The Greatest Traitor to learn more about Roger and the Mortimers generally.

John Cherry Shropshire UK Medieval history, archaeology and objects

Margaret Clamp

Notts. UK Richard III; Wars of the Roses; the Nevilles; castles and battles
Brendon Clarke

Lancashire UK Hundred Years War; Wars of the Roses; heraldry
Trea Connon Herefordshire UK History of the region; politics of the time; economic, social and religious development of the area

Terry Couzens

Shropshire UK Interested through living in the Mortimer homelands in the Welsh Marches.

Rupert Crew

Shropshire UK Teacher of medieval history
Peter Crocker Herefordshire UK Heraldry; biographies and titles; manors

Maureen Crumpler Herefordshire UK Costumes & textiles; music & dance

Stuart Davies London UK North Herefordshire manors and the manors of Cleobury and Bewdley; woodland (eg Wyre Forest)

Jenny Day Ceredigion UK Use of weapons in Wales before 1300

John Dixon Powys UK Mortimer family history; Wars of the Roses; medieval church history including effigies, brasses, heraldry and stained glass

Zsuzsa Dosa Bacs Kiskon, Hungary  Textiles; churches

Paul Dryburgh Surrey UK 13th-15th century Mortimers of Wigmore and Chirk; Mortimers in medieval Ireland and the Welsh Marches; Roger Mortimer 1st Earl of March

Lady Sonia Earlshall Shropshire UK Welsh  links

Bill Eastwell Shropshire UK Heraldry

Lynne Eaves Herefordshire UK General interest in medieval history, costume and dance

Owen Elias Shropshire UK The period of Owen Glydwr's revolt

Michael D Elliman Worcestershire UK Medieval history generally

Judith Field Maryland USA A passion for English medieval, social, local and landscape history and historical costume.

John Fleming Kent UK Baronial reform and rebellion 1259-1265

Robin Garcia

South Carolina, USA A descendant of the Mortimers of Wigmore.
Annie Garthwaite Shropshire UK The Wars of the Roses; researching a novel on Cecily Neville

Adonis Gemini

Hangzhou, China Interested in medieval figures who died as traitors but had more talent than their sovereign

Ethan Gould

Canberra, Australia Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March; the Mortimers and the conquest of Wales 1277-1283; the Mortimers during Owain Glydwr's revolt 1400-1415

Chris Gray Blaenau Gwent, UK

Romanesque architecture, particularly in the Marches.
John Grove Herefordshire UK Founder of MHS - The whole Mortimer dynasty and all sites, artefacts and especially tombs

Charles Gunter Shropshire UK Studying the relationship between England and Wales between 1066 and 1154 for an MA in medieval history

Mandy Gunter

Shropshire UK The Wars of the Roses
John Hargreaves Herefordshire UK Henry IV to the death of Richard III

Alison Harrop Conwy UK Roger Mortimer 1st Earl of March

Robert Hodge Shropshire UK Medieval social history - I live in Cleobury Mortimer and an Chairman of the local history society.

Gemma Hooper Cornwall UK The Plantagenets and the Wars of the Roses; Welsh history

Noriko Horiuchi

Herefordshire UK Wars of the Roses and the Tudors especially Prince Arthur
Hua Yi Meng Shanghai, China Roger Mortimer 1st Earl of March; The Wars of the Roses.

Philip Hume

Herefordshire UK Medieval history: castles, abbeys and the Marches
Nancy Hutten-Czapski Ontario Canada A Mortimer by birth and a kieen genealogist.

Lynne Hutton

Idaho USA Great grandparents.
Mark Ingle Shropshire UK Medieval history especially of the Middle Marches.

Julia & Anthony Jacobus Herefordshire UK Local history; presently researching the motte at Staunton-on-Arrow, owned by Ralph Mortimer in the Domesday Book

Claire Jakeman Surrey UK Family history as a Mortimer descendant.

Caroline John Shropshire UK Medieval history generally but the history of Neenton in Shropshire particularly

Kris Johnston Herefordshire UK The history of Aymestrey and the area around

Jenson Jones Herefordshire UK Exploring and photographing local history

Melissa Julian-Jones Newport, Wales, UK Specialist in 13th century Welsh March, its secular and ecclesiastical networks, seals and heraldry.

Shirley Keating Canberra, Australia  All ancestors of Katherine Mortimer, daughter of Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March

John R. Kenyon Cardiff, Wales UK Castle architecture and the history of the Welsh Marches

Matthew Lampitt Herefordshire UK Interested in the international status of the medieval Welsh Marches, in the cosmopolitanism of their various communities, their multilingualism, and the networks that link these regions more broadly to other locations across medieval Europe. Particularly interested, in the ways in which the Welsh Marches are represented in medieval literature
Kirsten Lawton-Smith Herefordshire UK The 14th century; Order of the Garter

Harry Lee

Herefordshire UK Medieval and 20th century history
Janet Lewis Powys UK Knucklas Castle Community Land Project

Sonya Lightbourne Paget, Bermuda Welsh Mortimers; Prince Llewelyn the Great; Gladws Ddu

John Manson

British Columbia, Canada Descended from the Scottish Mortimers; from William Mortimer of Auchleven near Inch

Stella Mason Shropshire UK  Castles and churches; military; Garway; crusades

Craufurd Matthews

Hampshire UK Mortimore descendant with an interest in history from 1200 to 1550
Gil McHattie Powys UK Knights Templars; Cistercians

Vicki Melton California USA A descendant of Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March through his daughter Katherine, Countess of Warwick

Margot Miller Herefordshire UK Dress & textiles; Kilpeck; Marcher churches & effigies; social history

Richard Millington

Solihull UK Medieval battles: Battle of Shrewsbury; revolt of Owen Glyn Dwr; Wars of the Roses

Stephen Mills

Cambridgeshire UK Has Mortimers as close ancestors in Westmeath, Ireland
Nila Monckton  Aberdeenshire UK Costume and textiles

Paul Morrison

West Sussex UK 14th & 15th century history, specially heraldry and paleography. Member of Richard III Society

Allison Mortimer

San Francisco, USA British history and family connection.
Bernard Mortimer Victoria, Australia Male line of descent of Mortimer of Chirk & Tedstone Wafre

Henry Mortimer Maryland, USA Family history

James Mortimer North Yorkshire UK Descendant of the Mortimers of Scotland who were farming around Rothes/Knockando in the mid 17th century

Jason Mortimer

Gloucestershire UK Identidying genuine family crests
John Mortimer Herefordshire UK Early history & Scotland; Scottish Mortimers

Keith Mortimer East Yorkshire UK Mortimer interest through sharing the same name

Kenneth Mortimer

Wellington, New Zealand Mortimer surname plus a general interest in history
Lyle Mortimer

Alberta, Canada The Mortimers' involvement in military campaigns and territorial conflicts

Michael Mortimer Idaho, USA Mortimer genealogy; heraldry

Robin Mortimer

Brisbane, Australia Genealogy
Roger F Mortimer North Yorkshire UK Linking modern Mortimers to the medieval families; I run the 'One Name' study with over 80 family trees  link here

Ruth Mortimer

North Palmerston, New Zealand

Genealogy of the Mortimers; Ruth is descended on her mother's side from Roger Mortimer (d1282)
Thomas Mortimer Connecticut USA My ancestor, John Mortimer

Virginia Mortimer London UK Heraldry and the medieval Mortimers

Jeffrey Mortimore Devon UK Heraldry and costume

Richard Mortimore Cheshire UK Mortimers in UK and Normandy; local history and archaeology; family history

Marion Moulton Cheshire UK History of Richard III and the House of York; 15th century music

Jolene & Jim Neri

North Carolina USA Keen amateur medieval historians
Mark North

Herefordshire UK Medieval reenactor: archer, bowyer & fletcher
Fran Norton Shropshire UK Particularly Mortimers of the 13th & 14th centuries

Mickie O'Neill Shropshire UK Richard III Society; Richard, Earl of Cambridge

Elizabeth Norton

London Uk Researching the Blount family who were tenants and associates of the Mortimers.

Vincent and Caroline O'Callaghan Worcestershire UK Vincent studied medieval history at Trinity College, specialising in the early crusades. He was vice-chair of the Simon de Montfort Society for a number of years and lectures on a variety of historical subjects. Caroline is half Welsh, has Hereford connections in her family and runs a General History Group.  

Mickie O'Neill Shropshire UK Richard III Society; Richard, Earl of Cambrige

Paul & Stephenie Ovrom Iowa, USA Lovers of the Marches and very interested in the Wars of the Roses

John Owen Caerphilly UK The de Braose family

Gail and John Peacock Newport UK Medieval history particularly 15th century.

David Pearn Somerset UK National and local medieval history

Ann & Andrew Pearson Herefordshire UK

The mythology surrounding Richard III and the Herefordshire school of Romanesque Scupture

David Pilling

Carmarthen, Wales UK The Mortimer family, particularly late 13th and early 14th century. Author of The Wars of Edward I: 1255-1274 and several works of historical fiction.

Patricia Pothecary Herefordshire UK Secretary of Mortimers Cross Battlefield Project. Interested in the history of Kingsland, Herefordshire from the earliest times to the Tudors.

Rhiannon Powell

Herefordshire UK As a Herefordshire person, interested in local history.
Judith Ridley

Berkshire UK Fiction, non-fiction and genealogy of 14th & 15th centuries including the Mortimers

Jamie Ritchie London UK

Spends lots of time in Knucklas, a Mortimer territory, and would like to know more.

Lynn Russell Shropshire UK A general interest in the period, but a particular interest in Blanche Mortimer.

Elena Shifflette New York USA A descendant of Roger Mortimer (d1282)

Barbara Skellern Shropshire UK Medieval history generally

Ann Slicer Shropshire UK Ludlow & Mortimer forest

Justin L Smith

Kentucky USA Originally interested in Mortimer ancestors and now interested in Mortimer history generally.

Peter Southall Herefordshire UK All aspects of medieval history but particularly in the royal succession ans all events after Edward III. Also the Tudors and their place in the succession.

Patricia Sowards Washington USA Roger Mortimer, 1st Earl of March; his father Edmund and the de Geneville family.
Tom Spencer-Andrew

Cheshire UK Audley, Touchet, De Lacey & Longspee connections 1300-1450
Stephen St Clair New Jersey, USA I run the St Clair family DNA study. According to Wace, St Cler were with Hugh Mortemer at the Battle of Hastings.

Alan Stewart

Shropshire UK Project Manager of the St James' Church Interpretation and Heritage Centre refurbishment in Wigmore

Jane Stirling

Shropshire UK The local involvement of the Mortimers of Wigmore; studying for a Masters in History

Andrew Stirling-Brown Herefordshire UK Local medieval history, especially castles & military; the connections between other local medieval families and the Mortimers

Cathrine Stone

Herefordshire UK Herefordshire churches & memorials
David Sudlow Herefordshire UK Interested in everything to do with the history of the Marches

Rachel Sycamore Herefordshire UK Buildings and castles linked to the Mortimers; genealogy & local history

Angela Thomas

Herefordshire UK History of the local area.
Martin & Denise Toms Herefordshire UK  Mortimers of Chirk & Tedstone Wafre; Lucy le Wafre

Vikki Tranter Shropshire UK We are Wars of the Roses reenactors (archers) interested in learning more about Ludlow and the surrounding area in the medieval period and the influence of the Mortimers.

Jessica Tudzin

California USA Jessica has Mortimer ancestry on both sides of her family and is keen to know more

Peter Van Geersdaele West Midlands UK English & Welsh medieval history; Plantagenets; battlefields. Member of Richard III Society and Battlefields Trust.
Gareth Wardell Carmarthen, Wales UK Particularly interested in the part played by the Mortimers in taming the Welsh!

Kathryn Warner

Dusseldorf, Germany Specialist in 14th century history. Author of books on Edward II, Queen Isabella and Richard II. Writes the Edward II blog.

Helen Watt Ceredigion UK Mortimer genealogy

Elizabeth White Wiltshire UK Family history

Patricia Whitehead Shropshire UK Ludlow & Wigmore; Art; Order of the Garter

Robert Wigmore

Wellington, New Zealand Exploring a possible link between the Mortimer and Wigmore families
Gareth Williams

Shropshire UK Long-term interest in medieval history
Hugh Wood Shropshire UK  Mortimer heraldry, genealogy; titles

Barbara Wright West Yorkshire UK Roger Mortimer (1st Earl); Mortimer cartulary
Gary Young Virginia, USA Genealogy of the Mortimers of Wigmore and the Mortimers of Richards Castle

Stefan Zachary Buckinghamshire UK Heraldry; Yorkshire

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