The Mortimers of Wigmore - Ian Mortimer's Outline Genealogy        click here
This genealogy shows the descent of the Mortimers of Wigmore from their origins in Normandy to the failure of the main line with the death of the 5th Earl of March and then on to the Yorkist kings. It contains a wealth of useful information about the family, including the younger Mortimer siblings and fascinating details about subsidiary branches. These include the descendants of Roger Mortimer of Chirk (d1326) and the offspring of Geoffrey Mortimer (d1372x76), who was captured in 1330 with his father, Roger Mortimer 1st Earl of March, and who lived the remainder of his life in exile in France. Of particular interest are the copious notes supporting the genealogy itself. Dr Mortimer explores the family connections with other medieval Mortimers including those from Attleborough, Richards Castle, Aberdour and Coedmore. This is a work of great erudition that is a superb source for anyone researching the family.

The Mortimers of Wigmore - The Family Tree           click here
Here you can see the Mortimer family tree in the traditional way, showing the family connections with dates and titles, but leaving out the biographical detail. It is based on Ian Mortimer's genealogy (above) and graphically shows the descent of the main Mortimer line from the Conquest through to the arrival of the Tudors.