Warlike, ambitious and powerful, the Mortimers bestrode the medieval stage. Inextricably linked with the great events of their time, their story is the tale of a turbulent England racked with dissension, rebellion and open warfare at home and abroad.

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POSTPONED  Saturday 28th March 2020 - A morning at  Weobley Village Hall

Weobley was the English base of one branch of the Lacy family, who also owned Ludlow and Ewyas Lacy castles. and extensive lands in Ireland. Our speakers will be MHS members Elizabeth and Brian Holley who live in the village. Elizabeth will give a short talk about the Lacys in Weobley and their relationships with other aristocrats of the Marches, and also describe what life would have been like here in the two centuries when the Lacy family was at its most powerful. Brian will give a presentation about the many buildings of historic interest in Weobley.

9.15  Refreshments

10.00 Annual General Meeting

11.00 Lectures

1.00 End of the morning

There is no need to book ahead and the event is free to members. We welcome non-members who pay £5 on the door. 

Weobley Village Hall is on Gadbridge Road HR4 8SN. It is at the eastern end of the village - Gadbridge Road is a continuation of the High Street.

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Summary of forthcoming events

POSTPONED  -  Saturday 16th May 2020
Joint Conference with the Radnorshire Society
Mayhem, Murder and Marriage: The Mortimers and the Welsh Princes
A whole-day conference at Knighton Community Centre, Powys. 

Competition & Conquest: Native Welsh Society and the Early Norman Inroads
 - Dr Euryn Roberts

The Land between Wye and Severn: A Mortimer Obsession
- Dr David Stephenson

Conflict and Coexistence: Llywelyn ab Iorwerth and the Mortimers
Dr Rhun Emlyn

Simon de Montfort, Llywelyn ap Gruffudd and the War in the Marches 1263-5 
- Dr Sophie Ambler

A "Notorious Association": Owain Glyn
Dwr and Sir Edmund Mortimer
- Prof. Gruffyd Aled Williams

Wednesday 17th June 2020
Summer Lecture by Prof. Dan Power
An evening lecture at Grange Court, Leominster - title to be announced

Sunday 19th July 2020
Visit to Hellens, Much Marcle and Kempley
A self-drive visit with car-sharing

Saturday 3rd October 2020
"The King's Writ does not run here": the Medieval Welsh Marcher Lordships
A whole-day conference to be held in Ludlow

Saturday 21st November 2020
Decorated in Glory: churches, church building and people in Herefordshire in the 14th century
In College Hall, Hereford Cathedral - a morning mini-conference